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Powering a brighter future with Solstice Renewables Solutions

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Welcome to SRS.

We provide a wide range of specialised services to meet your needs. We are moving forward providing renewable solutions enabling you to generate your very own clean electricity.We offer various solutions to allow you to fully optimise your PV solar system. Making the most of your generated electricity.


Our Services 


Solar PV

Our team will design and install a solar PV system to suit your budget and needs. We cater for the domestic, agricultural and commercial sector.  With the Solar app you can monitor your solar system from your phone.

Power diverters

A Lot of the electricity you generate exports to the grid (which you can sell back to the grid), as you will have appliances in the home on and off at different times. A power diverter allows you to redirect the electricity to your hot water cylinder. It is also possible to redirect this power to electric heaters.

Battery storage

Applying battery storage to your solar system , Fully optimises your yield. Providing you with power in the evenings and also backing up your pv array on those cloudy days.

EV chargers

EV chargers and smart chargers installation service provides electric vehicle charging infrastructure at homes, businesses, and public locations.Imagine charging your car solely from your own clean generated electricity using a smart charger. We have a number of smart charger brands for you to choose from.

Fire Alarms

We specialise in providing comprehensive fire alarm system services, including installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance. Our expertise lies in both wired and wireless fire alarm systems, ensuring that clients have reliable and efficient solutions for their safety needs

Emergency lighting

We specialise in providing comprehensive emergency lighting services, including installations, service, and maintenance. Our team of experts is experienced in designing and installing emergency lighting systems that meet all necessary safety regulations and requirements.

SKE Partner

SRS are SKE Certified Distribution Partners and are happy to advise and support you - from consulting to delivery and commissioning.

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SSE Grant

Are you eligible for a Solar PV grant?
SEAI offers a grant for upgrading Solar PV to homes built before 2021. The installation must be performed by a SEAI registered installer, such as SRS.

Safe Electric

SRS are part of the Electrical Regulatory Safety Scheme, which ensures that all our electrical installations are carried out by competent electrical contractors.

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